6 DIY Christmas kids activities

Keep the kids entertained and embrace their creative side

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of kids at Christmas time. They’re practically bouncing off the walls! But as contagious as their enthusiasm is, it can make it tricky to get things done around the house. 
If the kids have already devoured the entire Christmas movie collection on Netflix, you might be looking for new ways to keep them busy. These DIY Christmas activities are a great outlet for some of that excess energy! Not only will they keep them occupied and entertained, but they also help to embrace their creative side. 


Generosity, creativity, resourcefulness… this DIY craft project teaches kids so many valuable lessons. They’ll love dreaming up unique card ideas for each of their friends or family members. 
Create the cards using simple, inexpensive materials like paper and cardboard. Then, add some festive flair with glitter, stencils, pipe cleaners and even paint. This is also a great opportunity for the kids to practice their handwriting, as they write a thoughtful message inside each card.


Part craft project and part game, this activity will enrapture the kids for hours! First, they’ll need to make their pins out of toilet paper rolls, plastic cups, water bottles or any other tall and narrow materials you can get your hands on. Then, decorate them into snowmen characters using craft supplies.
That’s when the real fun begins! Arrange the snowmen like bowling pins or stack them on top of each other. With a small ball, the kids will take turns rolling it at the pins and seeing how many ‘snowmen’ they can knock down!


Here’s a DIY Christmas craft activity the kids can do with materials you likely already have around the house. By cutting out each hole in an egg carton, the kids can recreate all of Santa’s reindeers.
Use craft materials like googly eyes and pom poms to create their features, or just draw them on with pens. From Dancer and Donner — and, of course, everyone’s favourite, Rudolph — the kids will love bringing the whole gang to life!


Egg hunts are a great way to get the kids off the sofa at Easter time. So, why not repurpose the idea for Christmas? Instead of eggs, you’ll scatter candy canes around the house or garden. Or, you can take it to the next level and turn it into a longer scavenger hunt with clues they have to decode. This activity is a little more hands-on for you, but it’s totally worth it for the fun and entertainment it brings!


This easy-to-assemble game is just as educational as it is fun! It challenges everything from the kids’ fine motor skills and spatial awareness to their listening abilities. To set it up, you’ll need to tie a row of bells onto a hanging hoop (you can tie it to the side of a chair), or a low beam or table. The objective is simple — they must pass through or under it without ringing the bell! It’s a full, sensory experience that doesn’t take up a lot of room!


Have older kids who are a little too cool for regular crafts? Here’s a DIY project you’ll be able to get even the pickiest teens on board with.     
There are so many different DIY Christmas projects you can make with mason jars. They could make a deconstructed Christmas cookie mix, by layering the ingredients like flour, chocolate, sugar and oats in the jar, or make a beautiful homemade ornament like festive candle tea light, or Christmas vase. Not only do they look Instagram-worthy, but they make excellent gifts.
The goal of these DIY Christmas kids activities is to keep them busy during the festive season. But you never know — you might just be tempted to join in on the fun!
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