A Guys Gift Guide by Fashion Influencer & Designer Samuel Levi

It’s that time of year again. The time we all love. That time we get ready to celebrate with our loved ones. But what can you do to make it that little bit special? What can we get that one person who is hard to shop for? Do we really need to buy them something meaningful this Christmas? YES, of course you do! 

Throw out the pack of scorched almonds, the $5 pair of socks or even that lazy lotto ticket. I have the perfect mini gift guide for the 6-different everyday male’s in your life, whether he be Mr Adventurous or Mr Regular. There is always something for everyone, and I know the perfect stores where to get them. 

Mr Adventurous
A traveller is always looking at his next move. Whether it be local, internationally, or even in his back yard. The perfect gift doesn’t have to be exorbitant, but something that he can take and find useful on his next adventure. My top pick for this type of man is a Travel Comfort Kit? Every male would love a bit of homeliness no matter where they are in the world (Those long plane trips out of NZ can certainly do with some comfort!) Kathmandu have the perfect gift, so upgrade that extra little touch and grab one for them now. 
Some other suggestions for Mr Adventurous – 
•    Gift Card for  Flight Centre to get him started for his next trip! 
•    Go-Pro so he can film every mountain he climbs, every path he takes and make us all jealous when he gets back! (Available from JB HiFi )
•    Travel Diary or a Good Book – Visit Whitcoulls to get your hands on a stunning travel journal (particularly one with compartments for all those docs) so he can jot down every amazing restaurant he eats at – every funny instance he has – and every place he hopes to return to! Or even a great book to occupy him in his down time. 

Now, this is the one most family members struggle to buy for – including their parents! So what is the perfect gift for mr moody ?! We all like to look nice, but trust me – buying a teenage boy clothes you think will suit him is definitely not a good idea. He can’t be seen in a jumper that mum brought him on Christmas day. So why not purchase a gift card to Cotton On? A gift anyone would enjoy. That way he will spend it on what he needs, and really wants. 
Some other suggestions – 
•    Beats by Dre or a Bluetooth speaker so he can blast everything from Tupac to Peaking Duck ( Available from JB HiFi )
•    CK Briefs from Farmers – yes underwear – but its CK so it’s acceptable
•    Aftershave- cause we all know the teen boys need it – 1 Million or Invictus by Paco Rabanne (Available at Farmers or Life Pharmacy). 

Mr Creative
We all have one of these in our family. Whether he has a love for art, design, conceptualising or anything dripping in creativity. So what can you possibly buy that person who would 100% have a better idea then you? My answer – a Graphics Tablet.  One push of a button and anything written or drawn on the pad becomes a digital file! 
Some other suggestions – 

•    3D Pens 
•    Laptop or Ipad Case – from quirky prints to classic leather, a fresh new case is always special. Check out the range at Typo
•    Cards against Humanity

Good Ol’ Dad 
Making the man-of-the-house, feel that little bit extra special can be tough! Dad will always say he wants “nothing” for Christmas or for “everyone to get along and have a good day”, but let’s be honest – the grin on his face when he unwraps your prezzie is always worth it! So ditch going halvies with your siblings on 12-pack pair of socks and up your gifting game this Christmas. Get him something that reminds him of your thoughtfulness each time he uses it! Transform dad into a new man with a range of beard trimmers from Farmers. We all know he doesn’t schedule “shopping time” into his calendar, so when is he really going to find the time to pop-in and buy it himself – time to surprise him! 

Some other suggestions – 
•    Sneakers – update dads shoe game with a classic white sneaker –My favourite on-trend pick that isn’t too fashion forward for a classic dad is the Adidas Stan Smith’s ( available at Platypus) – or even Kmart has some Lace up white sneakers that won’t break the budget! 
•    Clothes! We all know dad could go without that tee with the holes or the super faded shorts – why not spoil him with some new wardrobe editions, from simple cotton tees to denim shorts or boardies you’re sure to find something at Hallensteins, Yd, Barkers or Rodd and Gunn.

Mr Regular
So it’s time to treat that contempt and everyday bloke who falls into the regular guy category? It could be the one who would love just that lotto ticket, or be happy with a pack of socks wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Easy to shop for, right? But, does it mean you are doing it, right? It’s time to think outside the box and time to get him something on trend. Kmart is a household name, so why not treat him to something he secretly really wants. An affordable and relatable brand to the everyday male, you will be sure to find something that will really make his day. A book? Car accessories? A shirt? Or even that perfect little cabinet to hold his PlayStation. This place will be irresistible (we predict you’ll end up treating yourself in there too). 

Mr Sports Star… (or so he thinks anyway)
A fan of the footy, loves kicking a ball in the backyard or just love hitting the gym from time to time. He’s happy, he’s outgoing, he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He’s so effortlessly cool, but in a dress-socks-and-sneakers kind of way. Farmers, Stirling Sports and The Soccer Shop have a range of sporting apparel that would makes this guy’s day a dream. Sports gear, exercise, and fitness equipment or even that perfect item for the summer season – beach towel, a wahu footyball. Farmers and JB Hi-Fi will have you covered to crack into summer right. 

Beat the rush, and head into your local shopping centre now to grab that perfect gift for him! For all the perfect products store by store – ask the gift guru – the gifting pro this Christmas!