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Hello from Katie and The Cosmetic Clinic Team

Tell us a bit about your clinic?
Hi! I'm Katie, the owner of The Cosmetic Clinic in Bayfair. At The Cosmetic Clinic, we are a highly qualified team of Laser, Skin, and Cosmetic Injectable Specialists.  We offer highly effective Medical Grade treatments in a clinic environment, for an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our extremely high level of training and competency, and our ability to make clients look at feel amazing about themselves!

What is your position and how big is your team?
I am the clinic Owner as well as Manager. Our Team is 12 staff members strong, including 3 very talented Cosmetic Nurses. Our Clinic is over seen by a very supportive Doctor, who is Cosmetic Injector herself.

What is the best part about your job?
The best part of my job is supporting my team, create such lifechanging results for their clients. They have so much passion for looking after their clients, and I can always count on them to keep our clients in the safest of hands. 

I love to watch my team set goals to develop their skills, hit their true potential, and evolve in their role. Given I was a Beauty therapy Teacher for many years, I also really enjoy training and upskilling my team, and listening to them pass their knowledge onto our clients.

What is the most popular treatment right now?
Laser Hair Removal and Anti Wrinkle Injections (we use Dysport)

What is on trend right now?
Injectable Filler Services are on trend to improve Facial Volume Loss, Symmetry and Facial Balancing. Small amounts of filler are placed strategically over multiple areas to refresh the client's overall appearance.

What makes your clinic unique/different?
We are unique because we are locally owned. I love that we can boost the Economy - this is so important to me given the current climate post COVID-19 Lockdown. What also makes us different is that as a team at Bayfair we have over 15 years experience working with Medical grade 4 Lasers, which are the ones we operate - 7 days a week. My Cosmetic Injectors Vivien, Lea and Sarah are exceptionally talented and very highly trained and work within very structured safety guidelines. Our collective experience and confidence means we know how to get the best possible client results - safely. We do not need to mark up our services to extortionate prices as we have amazing relationships with our Suppliers due to our size, and love that we can pass these affordable prices onto our clients . Our prices are no reflection of the quality of our equipment, services, products, or training.

What products can you not go without?
Balense Gentle Cleanser , Balense Enzymatic Sleep Masque, and of course - Dysport!

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