Rodd & Gunn's New Range, ReNatured

Rodd & Gunn's Renatured range celebrates the reopening of a new world, the wonder and delight of being alive, and our innate connection with the people and places we love.

If there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that everything can change in an instant. The way we work has changed. The way we travel has changed. Our cities and towns continue to change. When so much feels out of our control, one of the best things we can do is re-centre ourselves into our surrounding natural habitats, where time moves at a different pace – where we can feel like part of something bigger.

Sometimes all we need is to be awestruck by the raw beauty of our natural surroundings to feel truly alive. No matter where you are, whether you live in the countryside surrounded by lush, moss-covered hills, or in the modern jungles of global cities, there is nature everywhere. It’s time to immerse yourself. Breathe in the crisp morning air and turn your face to the sun as a new world dawns.

Leaving the concrete and asphalt behind for the unexpected wonders of the wild is not for your average modern man. At Rodd & Gunn, we’ve always clothed sophisticated, renegade men who feel as at home in cities as they do in the outdoors. Our latest range is calling to get you back deep in the snow-capped alps and braided rivers, navigating ridges, and winding trails in the woods to bring you back to nature.