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The Source Bulk Foods Bayfair - Meet the locals

Tell us a bit about The Source Bulk Foods Bayfair:
We are a local health food store committed to delivering an impressive range of bulk Whole Foods, healthy snacks and organic goodies as well as sustainable personal and household products.
What is your role and how big is your team?
We are a team of 9 who are passionate about food and sustainability. 
Among our staff we have a diverse range of knowledge from gluten free and vegan diets to holistic and health experiences which supports us in helping our customers.
What is the best part of your job?
Not only is the continual learning of food, recipes, sustainable products a highlight but also learning from our customers that come through. The exchange of knowledge is an incredible part of the job.
What is the most popular products right now?
Our chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries as always fly out the door!
Along with our classic dark chocolate Turkish delight and ginger.
What is on trend now?
We have new products in store that we know our customers will love!
Highly requested brewers yeast, dishwashing powder, dukkah, white vegan chocolate (YUM!), moreish munch - a kombucha activated nut and seed mix! 
What is your easy cook meal/winter favourite?
With the colder months it would definitely have to be our lentil curry soup mix.
Very quick, easy and versatile to suit all! You can add protein or vegetables and have as is for a tasty vegan dish!
What are your staples?
The staff here can always find the following list of products as staples in their pantry used to make smoothies, slices or just for snacking!
-Chia seeds
-Dates/dried fruit
-Pumpkin seeds
-Sunflower seeds
-Hemp seeds