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UBX - Bayfair's Boutique Boxing and Strength Gym

Read on to find out more about UBX as we chat to owner Kieren.

What is your position and how big is your team?

Owner operator, coach, sales and marketing. We have two full time coaches in our team. Hannah and Paul both  have vast experience in the fitness and boxing industry.

What makes your gym unique?
We are a small boutique gym that focuses on boxing and strength. We run a no start time schedule so people can train in their own time. Our coaches provide personalized 1 on 1 support throughout the workout.
Our programs are built for ALL fitness levels, even people that have never been to a gym before. We are small and less intimidating than large gyms so offer a more welcoming environment for first timers.
We utilize technology such as heart rate tracking and coaching screens to enhance the studio experience and deliver long term results for our members.

What is the best part about your job?
Meeting new members and helping them achieve their goals, seeing our members grow and become more confident with their boxing.

What do your members love about UBX?
The support our trainers give our members on a daily basis is one of the biggest  factors for them. 1 on 1 support and knowing somebody is always there to help you along the way is a massive part of what we strive to do. Other than that, the energy, community, new workouts every day & skill learning are things members tell us they love.  

How do you eat to support a healthy lifestyle and working out?
We have our inhouse clinical nutritionist and head of nutrition Miranda Leeden.
Her goal is to simplify your nutrition and offer guidance, optimally fuelling our bodies to support peak performance and transformational results. We give our members meal plans that support their energy requirements. These differ significantly between individuals depending on many factors such as their age, gender, height, weight and activity level.

What makes Bayfair a part of the community?
Many of the Bayfair retail staff have become members in our gym. This is so awesome to see as being connected to the centre means it's easier for them to workout with us. We also host our post challenge party at The Freeport restaurant.