Can Do Challenge, The 'Marvellous Machine'

24 Apr - 28 Apr 2017
10:00AM - 3:00PM
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Bayfair Shopping Centre

A weird and wonderful machine for the kids to play with and inspire them to get building their own.

Thanks to The Young Innovator Awards and House of Science, The Marvellous Machine will help keep the kids entertained. The Marvellous Machine is made of recycled materials and designed to help water a super food. A piece of broccoli. That just happens to taste like chocolate.

Monday 24th April 10am - 3pm
Tuesday 25th April 1pm - 3pm
Wednesday 26th April 10am - 3p.
Thursday 27th April *Sensory Challenge 8am - 9am and then 10am - 3pm
Friday 28th April 10am - 3pm

*Sensory Challenge

Sensory Can Do Challenge for families of children with special needs and sensory processing disorders. Sensory Can Do Challenge offers private family bookings before the majority of our stores open in centre, to avoid overpowering senses by providing a safe, no-judgement environment. We aim to eliminate factors such as crowds, loud noises, close proximity to people, music and bright lights.

No background music, no queues and an understanding Team!
Thursday 20th 8am - 9am.

Bookings for these sessions are vital to ensure we cater to all children and their requirements. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 07 575 9349 or email to book your preferred time.





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