Mobility Parking

At Bayfair, there is allocated mobility parking in all car parks including the first three levels of the car parking building, with wheelchair access ramps where required. Mobility parking spaces are available to vehicles with a valid disability card for four hours, and are generally the closest proximity to the entrances.  

On the ground floor of our car parking building, where the car parking assistance lights are used, available mobility parks are lit using a blue light, when occupied this will change to red . These sheltered parks are located close to the ground floor centre entry to the right of the ‘up’ ramp.

On the second and third level of our car parking building there are a number of sheltered mobility parks directly next to the entrance on each level. Access to the ground floor of Bayfair Shopping Centre is via the customer lift located directly inside the door to the right.

The back car parks off Farm Street have allocated mobility parking in the front parking rows, closest to the entrances.

In the front car park of Bayfair, on the corner of Maunganui and Girven Road there is also allocated mobility parking in front of the entrances and near to the pedestrian crossings.