Quiet Room

As part of Bayfair Shopping Centre’s $115 million development, a quiet room opened on the 12th of November for visitors with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders.
The room, which was developed with guidance from Autism New Zealand, has been specifically created for people who can become easily overwhelmed in bright and busy environments. The room can also be used for those who experience anxiety, have panic attacks or who are temporarily feeling unwell and need to sit down in a calm space away from the noise of the shopping centre.
For many people with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders, background music and bright lighting can make for an extremely unsettling experience. The quiet room is designed to combat this, eliminating the chaos and sensory overload that may usually overwhelm those with these disorders and giving them a safe place to escape in a shopping centre environment.
The quiet room is accessible using a personalised electronic access card that users can register at the Bayfair Customer Service Desk. Once the access card is issued it will give will give quick easy access to the quiet room at any time while in the Centre.