To make life a little easier we’ve listed just a few frequently asked questions. If you need any further assistance please contact us on
(07) 575 9349.

Yes, you can purchase gift cards from our Customer Service desk or online through our website.
Yes you can check the balance on your gift card at the Customer Service desk by ringing 0800 493 470 or on our website.
The Customer Service desk have bus timetables.
We do not sell the bus cards.
Yes, they have an expiry date 3 years from the date of purchase.
Whitcoulls, Redcurrent, A2Z, Minuteman and Mister Minit sell a selection of souvenirs.
Countdown sells flowers.
There is no charge for the wheelchairs, mobility scooters or walkers.
A JP does not come to the centre but the Customer service desk has a roster of what time and where JP clinics are being held for the week.
There is a 4 hour time limit for parking at Bayfair.
There is no charge for parking.
You need to come to the Customer Service desk and leave some form of ID with them.
Our hours are: Mon,Tues,Wed,Sat,Sun 9am to 6pm
Thurs,Fri 9am to 9pm.

Dine open 7 days a week til late
The foodcourt is open the same hours as the shopping centre, however Carve It Up opens for breakfast at 7.30am and McDonalds stays open until 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Car parking at the front of the Centre is accessible from Maunganui Road and Girven Road. We also have three levels of undercover parking accessible from Girven Road, the fourth level is not covered. 

To make your trip to Bayfair even more enjoyable we recommend the following 'best parking' tips:


Level 3 of the undercover car park provides direct access to the first floor of this store via a canopied walk way


The car park at the front of the centre provides quick access to your favourite electronics and music store.


Choose from the new car park at the front of the Centre or on the Farm Street side. If the weather is inclement, the undercover car park provides shelter for unloading your shopping bags.


There are three bathroom locations:

Near the foodcourt, just past McDonalds
Down the corridor to the left of Farmers that leads out to the Farm Street Car Park
Down the corridor past Amazon and opposite No1 Currency.
Minuteman and Mister Minit are our key cutting kiosks.
Unfortunately we currently do not have any stores that can photocopy, but if it is something small we can assist you here.
Unfortunately we currently do not have any stores that provide printing services.
Unfortunately we currently do not have any stores that print photos.
The Tauranga City Council temporary Bus Stop is operational on Farm Street behind Bayfair. 
The Customer Service desk is located between Seed and Kathmandu.
Lost property is managed by the Customer Service desk unless you have been shopping in the supermarket or Farmers, who keep their own lost property.
Life Pharmacy can assist you with passport photos in the mornings and afternoons. The serivce is not available between the hours 12.00 - 2.00pm.
Minuteman replaces watch batteries.
The issuance fees covers the cost of the card and equipment as well as the flexibility to use the card at any of our Bayfair stores.