Car parking at the front of the Centre is accessible from Maunganui Road and Girven Road. We also have three levels of undercover parking accessible from Girven Road, the fourth level is not covered. 

To make your trip to Bayfair even more enjoyable we recommend the following 'best parking' tips:


Level 3 of the undercover car park provides direct access to the first floor of this store via a canopied walk way


The car park at the front of the centre provides quick access to your favourite electronics and music store.


Choose from the new car park at the front of the Centre or on the Farm Street side. If the weather is inclement, the undercover car park provides shelter for unloading your shopping bags



Dedicated Parent Parking is available in all car parks including the first three levels of the car parking building, these spaces are available to those requiring easy access with parking, especially those with young children and prams. There is a time limit in all of our car parks of four hours.

  • On the ground floor of our car parking building, these parks are located in the row directly in front of Kiwibank and UBX with quick and easy access to Bayfair Shopping Centre.
  • On the second and third level of our car parking building there are a number of Parent Parking spaces directly next to the entrance on each level and on the third level, next to the Farmers entrance. Access to the ground floor of Bayfair is via the customer lift located directly inside the door to the right.
  • In the front car park of Bayfair, on the corner of Maunganui and Girven Road Parent Parking is available.
  • In the back car park, off Farm Street there is allocated parent parking near the entrance to Farmers and infront of the new entrace by Amazon.


Two dedicated campervan parks are available in the back car park, off Farm Street. These are extra large parks, marked in yellow and located near the Kmart Loading Dock.