Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to Sustainability

During the last few years processes have been implemented to educate retailers and shoppers alike to become more sustainable during the working day and at home.

The journey has been exciting and one which continually evolves. Read on to see some great results recorded to date along the way.

  • The Bayfair Recycling Programme diverts 66.3% of the Centre’s waste from landfill.
  • Over 75,000kg of organic waste is diverted from landfill each year… This is the equivalent to more than 390,000 apples!
  • Over 333,000kg of cardboard and paper is diverted from landfill each year…This saves over 6000 trees!
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by over 3.5 million kilowatt hours over the last 10 years… This is equivalent to unplugging all the homes in Mount Maunganui for 2 months!
  • Bayfair diverts over 35,000kg of glass, metal and plastic from landfill each year…This is equal to the weight of 70ft Crane.
  • Approx. 180,000 plastic bottles are diverted from landfill each year …This provides recycled fibre to fill 27,800 jackets.
By continually exploring ways in which to conduct operations in a sustainable manner, Bayfair is committed to protecting our local environment.

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Community Group Bookings

Bayfair Shopping Centre is passionate about it's community and the people in it.  The Community Group Site in centre can be booked by community groups and charity organisations to fundraise and raise awareness.

Bayfair Shopping Centre generously gives these groups the space free of charge providing an excellent opportunity to promote and raise funds and awareness.

To book the Community Group Site, you will need to read and accept the guidelines, as well as fill in a booking request form - You can then email the completed form to

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