Corporate Responsibility

Bayfair Shopping Centre is a exemplar and passionate advocate for environmental improvement and social inclusion. Bayfair's commitment is to incorporate sustainability and accessibility in all it can to provide the region with a safe, inclusive and sustainable place for shopping, connecting with friends, family and the community.

The journey has been exciting and one which continually evolves. Read on to see some great results recorded to date along the way.
  • The Bayfair Recycling Programme diverts 74% of the Centre’s waste from landfill.
  • Over 102,000kg of organic waste, 370,000kg of cardboard and paper and 60,000kg of glass metal and plastic was diverted from landfill in 2016.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by over 4 million kilowatt hours over the last 10 years.
  • Since 2014, Bayfair re-used 1.8 million litres of water by collecting 487,600 litres of grey water from hand washing and 1.315.410 litres of rain water. This water is recycled to flush Bayfair's toilets.
By continually exploring ways in which to conduct operations in a sustainable manner, Bayfair is committed to protecting our local environment.