Silvermoon opened the first retail outlet in Dunedin in 2000. Today, they have 13 outlets including their store at Bayfair Shopping Centre. The chain’s founder, Simon Thwaites, believes he has found a gap in the market. New Zealand malls and shopping precincts traditionally had costume jewellers – with fast fashion and throw away accessories; and elite jewellers with diamonds and gold. Silvermoon caters for those shoppers between the two. They focus on areas the established jewellers are inclined to ignore, such as body jewellery, greenstone and bone carvings, while also specializing in silver jewellery. During the past year Silvermoon has extended its product range and includes Kagi and Swarovski ranges.“Our jewellery suits people who want something for themselves or a friend, but don’t want to spend a fortune and want the jewellery to last”. Silvermoon’s philosophy is to buy their stock direct from the manufacturer where possible. They aim to stock unique jewellery pieces at the best price. Silvermoon is 100% New Zealand owned and employs over 100 kiwi’s. At any location you will see a minimum of 7000 different jewellery items. ‘We think shopping should be fun and not intimidating in the slightest, so we have largely chosen to, where possible, retail from kiosks in shopping malls,” said Thwaites.

Wed 24th Apr
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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