Soft plastic recycling is available at Bayfair

 Can you scrunch it into a ball? Then you can recycle it in these bins.

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Soft plastic recycling is available at Bayfair. These bins are for plastic wrappers and bags including: bread bags, frozen food bags, chip bags, pasta and rice bags, confectionery and biscuit wrap, squeeze pouches, shopping bags, toilet paper packaging, courier envelopes. Basically, anything made of soft plastic which can be scrunched into a ball – but it must be clean, empty and dry.

We have two of these bins for all of your soft plastic recycling, one located near Countdown and one near The Customer Service Desk.

Save up a bag and bring it in - let's see how many we can collect! Plastic that is recycled through these bins get turned into new materials like fence posts for farms, buckets, matting and other hard wearing plastic products.