Parents Parking

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You will find dedicated parent parking in all centre parking areas. These spaces are available for those requiring easy access with parking, especially those with young children and prams. 

You can be protected from the weather in the parking building off Girven Road.

Parent parking bays are located;

  • On the ground floor of the parking building, you will find parent parking opposite Number One Shoes with quick access to the centre.
  • On the second and third level of the parking building, you will find parent parking close to the entrances. On the third level they are close the Farmers entrance. You can access the ground level of Bayfair using the customer lift.
  • In the front parking area off Maunganui Road, parent parking bays are located by the entrances close to Timezone and Woolworths.
  • In the parking area off Farm Street there two allocated parent parking areas, you will find one near the entrance close to Farmers and one close to Farm Street Larder.